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This is a story of the troubled decades, the loss of social reference points and the social deterioration of the country from the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin to the present day.

Club Med Caribbean, the Israeli dream island, so beloved in the '90s, and a radio studio in Tel Aviv, the center of which becomes Batya Katz's news anchor in two different periods of her life - before and after prison. 1995-2020.

Her moving, dramatic, and funny biography, a kind of soundtrack to an optimistic, hopeless struggle for peace, poses the same question - why do most of us only act when we have nothing left to lose?

Written, directed and designed by Yehezkel Lazarov

Costume design: Alin Lazarov

Lighting design: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)

Sound design: Michael Vaisburd

Mapping and animation: Victor Sorokin

Guitar: Raanan Havusha

Harmonica: Elisha Miklosh Henis

Assistant director: Danit Arama


Actors: Orna Banai, Miki Leon, Neta Shpigelman, Natasha Manor, Tali Osadchi, Dor Michaeli

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