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MACBETH: word-less

Saturday, May 11 2019 20:30
Event duration 100 minutes

About the show

William Shakespeare

Stage-director, choreographer: Sergey Zemlyansky

Scenography and costumes: Maxim Obrezkov

Music: Pavel Akimkin

Light: Alexander Sivaev

Stage version: Rasa Bugavičute-Pece 

Participants: Avi Azulay, Henry David, Roni Einav, Alexander Senderovich, Dor Michaeli, Hillel Capon, Ruth Rasyuk, Eli Menashe, Lilian Ruth, Natasha Manor, Svetlana Demidova, Tali Osadchy, Carmel Candel, Sharon Burshtein-Bichachi

"Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill".

Scotland, XI century. War - incessant and endless. The virtue of Macbeth, the victorious conqueror, is totally admired, his exploits are rewarded with dignity. Drunk with success, mystical predictions and ambitions of the wife, he realizes that he is created for more. His place is the throne... Vanity and passion, obsession and thirst for power, a series of murders committed on this path turn out to be a road to abyss. 

Famous Russian director, Sergei Zemlyansky, is the creator of a new dramatic style - "plastic drama." His performances don't resemble ballet or pantomime. These are scenic stories, the tremendous emotional effect of which arises from the combination of dramatic action and music.

From the press:

It's a show worthy of prizes. The performance is like a dream, a theatrical magic that glows like a diamond - without words.


Zemliansky's works are characterized by conceptual originality and technical perfection of performance.

The New Times

Gesher Theatre courageously has chosen to stage a wordless version of Shakespeare's tragedy. It is a special refined aesthetic experience that sharpens the senses.


The original direction and choreography of Sergey Zemliansky and the perfect performance of the actors provide a powerful experience.


The wordless version of Macbeth is an important achievement for the theater – both creators and actors. Everything deserves compliments and applause. A show that must not be missed. It's a challenge to Gesher and other theaters.

Ben Amy Feingold

The actors of Gesher Theatre have been revealed in a new capacity, demonstrating great creativity and readiness for a serious and bold experiment.



The first play: 05/02/2018

Duration of the performance: 1 hour 40 minutes without intermission


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