About the show

A play by Hanoch Levin

Director: Amit Epstein

Getting married, living, dying, that's all!

Welcome to the grandiose Hanoh Levin circus called "Life".

Tonight in the program: "Bachelors and bachelors", funny to tears comedy about the eternal battle of the sexes, in which - what justice, what equality! - both sides are in the loss . The typical situation for Levin is lose-lose. And where is the battle this time? In two apartments located against each other on the same site, and also on the stairs - a relatively modest battlefield, and yet: how much despair per square meter!... And why the hell does that make us laugh: don't they suffer there on stage, these lonely men and women? Of course, they do. Don't we suffer? We don't get married, don't live, don't die - that's all? (Muli Melzer)


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