Picture of Event: The Wanderers

The Wanderers

"Noga" Hall
Tuesday, June 16 2020 20:00

About the show

Anna Ziegler

Translation to Hebrew: Roy Chen

Director: Amir Wolf

Esther and Schmuli are Orthodox Jews embarking on an arranged marriage, despite barely knowing each other. Abe and Julia are high-profile celebrities embarking on a dangerously flirtatious correspondence, despite being married to other people. On the surface, the lives of these two couples couldn’t be more different. But Anna Ziegler’s funny, insightful, and mysterious new drama explores the hidden connections between seemingly disparate people, drawing audiences into an intriguing puzzle and a deeply sympathetic look at modern love.

One of the best written, most clever and tightly constructed plays I have seen this year…Reminiscent of Tom Stoppard’s brilliant 1993 drama Arcadia…The Wanderers should not be missed.”  — Entertainment Today


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