About the show

A play by Roy Chen
Directed by Ealeal Semel

Director: Ealeal Semel
Stage Design, Costume Design, lion mask: Polina Adamov
Music: Ronnie Reshef
Lighting Design: Alexander Sikirin
Assistant Director: Dan Manor, Irena Orlov

Cast: Gilad Kletter, Tom Antopolsky, Ori Yaniv, Karin Seruya, Netta Roth, Noam Frank, Ruth Senderovich, Solo Geva, Sophia Golan

Piano: Adam Chen

Cello: Alma Bar Sinai


There are no mobile phones in the closed ward of a psychiatric hospital for minors, and there is no idle chatter either - everybody talks only about the most important thing: self-realization. Who am I? A girl or a boy? What kind of family do I have? And what is love?
Alma, Emmanuel, Sasha, Barak and Bat Sheva are teenagers. They all come from different families, from parallel worlds, but now they live together. They sleep together, eat together, play together. Try to find themselves in this chaotic and merciless world.
The Abarbanel Mental Health Center invited us to the annual performance of the teenagers, which they usually perform only once for their families and medical staff.  We decided that it is important to present this purely private event to the general public. For us, they are our children, and - inspired by the quests, reflections, ups and downs that we have experienced in the closed world of "mental health" - we have created our own performance.
The play "Who other than me?" concerns everyone. It is about modern youth and the healing power of the theatre. And the hope for  compassion.

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