Picture of Event: KING DAVID REPORT


"Noga" Hall
Thursday, August 27 2020 20:00

About the show

Based on a novel by Stefan Heym

Adaptation by Roee Chen

Directed by Yevgeny Arye

King Solomon commissions Ethan the Scribe to write the official history of King David. In return for the finest cooking in the land and the wages of a minor prophet, Ethan must write a proper record, full of glory and battles, statecraft and honor – a tribute to David and, of course, to Solomon, his heir. But as Ethan explores the story, he finds another life hidden behind the iron curtain dividing past from present: the story of a David who seduced, lied, bragged, and plundered his way to power. Ethan wonders: which life should be reported in the King David Report?


"An unmissable masterpiece… the world of the bible comes to life and it has never been more intriguing… Everything that happens on screen borders on genius and perfection. Brilliant directing of an important play and an extraordinary performance by a spectacular cast – a model of phenomenal theatre" mako

"King David Report is a good lesson in theatre – and a refreshing performance – and a reminder that history judges events differently than what rulers expect… go, remember, and enjoy" Habama

"The execution is excellent – a theatre experience" Ben Ami Feingold

"Quality directing, wonderful acting, an impressive cast, a fascinating performance, which challenges the intellectual. Two hours of enjoyment and many more hours with a lot of food for thought. Don't miss it!!!" Salona



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