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"Noga" Hall
Thursday, June 25 2020 20:00

About the show

Robert Icke

The newest version of the trilogy of Aeschylus

Translation: Roy Chen

Stage director: Yevgeny Arye

If you learn from reliable sources that it's necessary to sacrifice one little girl for peace in your country - will you do it? And what if that girl is your daughter? You are Agamemnon,  the head of the state. Your soldiers are dying in an endless war. You are facing an unbearable choice. You have to make a decision...

War, family, destiny, compassion, the search for justice, revenge – all these and more in a bloody family saga which is same actual as two thousands years ago

Stage design: Simon Pastukh

Music: Faustas Latenas

Stage version: Katya Sassonsky, Roy Chen

Light design: Bueno Avi-Yona (Bambi)

Costume design: Yehudit Aharon

Sound design: Michael Vaisburd

Assistant director: Sharon Burstein-Bichachi

Multimedia: Adi Kvetner

Cast: Efrat Ben-Zur, Doron Tavori / Mikki Leon, Henry David / Alon Friedman, Netta Shpiegelman / Noa Har-Zion, Gilad Kletter, Ruth Rasyuk, Boris Akhanov, Svetlana Demidova, Avi Azulay, Paolo E. Moura, Sharon Burstein-Bichachi


"A powerful performance that makes a creative and startling connection between the long-ago and the now. A great combination of excellent acting and video-art" Galei Zahal

"A powerful and thought-provoking performance. Gesher Theatre loves to dare, to innovate, and to take risks. Such is the Oresteia" Yermi Amir, Kan Tarbut

"An interesting modern adaptation… a very impressive production visually and musically. Efrat Ben Zur gives an intelligent and sensitive performance, which gradually builds up to an impressive climax" Yedioth Ahronoth

"The ancient Greek tragedy, in modern dress, manages to be relevant to our time as well… the performance sets a high bar, combining art and challenge… a painfully precise performance, sharp and full of power". Maariv

"Greek tragedy in a video-art package. Gesher's ensemble from Efrat Ben Zur to Henry David is present in all its glory and talent in this production" Ha'aretz


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