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Why, I can smile and murder whiles I smile.

And cry “content” to that which grieves my heart.

And wet my cheeks with artificial tears.

And frame my face for all occasions.


"Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way," Tolstoy wrote. "Richard III" is the story of such a family.

The royal offspring, raised in family strife, rejected, sickly, fierce child, turns into a malignant tumor that devours everything around him.

Family drama becomes a national tragedy in a play in which the personal is inseparable from the political.

Centuries before Netflix, Shakespeare created the first serial killer. A magnificent freak. An eloquent and moving clown rapist, takes us on a thrilling journey of destruction. The wounded villain, stepping on corpses on his way to the throne, is a warning signal to all, a mirror of the terrible danger in which the destruction of the state is behind the family.

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