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"Noga" Hall
Saturday, May 25 2024 at 18:00
Event duration: 2 hours

About the show

"If we are not together - the world will cease to exist" (Hanan to Lea)

Hanan, a poor Yeshiva student, deeply involved in Kabbalah, learned that his beloved Lea, daughter of the wealthy man of the shtetl, will be given to another guy. His incongruous death changes the cause of the events. The story takes an incredible turnover.

His soul gets stuck between two worlds. He isn't dead and not alive. His restless soul can't find peace. She is chased by his image…Everything gets out of order. Wedding upset.

Hanan's soul penetrates to her body and soul. The bride is possessed by dybbuk, sickness…Love?

First Performance - January 13, 2014




“The biggest theatrical event of the year! A masterpiece unlike anything we have seen on our stages in a very long time. If you love the theatre but only see a show once a year, the “The Dybbuk” at the Gesher theatre is your show for 2014. It is unfair to define the magnitude of this creation to the word “show”, because we are dealing here with a rare theatrical event. Efrat Ben-Zur in her best performance to date is mesmerizing from the first moment… Rovina is probably pleasantly sighing in her grave from satisfaction… now that such a perfect show has been produced, as many people as possible should get the chance to see it. For me, personally, “The Dybbuk” has restored my faith in the Israeli theatre. Who says you have to go to London to see well-made theatre?”


Yermi Amir:

“Forget everything you have seen in the theatre till now: “The Dybbuk” at the Gesher theatre isn’t just another show. It is a masterpiece… a powerful and captivating show that enchants the audience. Do not miss it! I’m out of words. All of the superlatives are true to what I a saw. And what I saw wasn’t just another production in the Israeli theatre. “The Dybbuk” at the Gesher theatre is a masterpiece. I haven’t come across such a powerful and astonishing show that enchants the audience in a long time.  An experience. Something different, surprising, rare, alive and kicking. Two hours and fifteen minutes (intermission included) with no dull moments. The Gesher theatre should be esteemed for this artistic accomplishment and coping with such complex and high quality material that doesn’t guarantee commercial success. “The Dybbuk” is a fascinating and captivating show, that shouldn’t be missed.”


“An extraordinary enchantment! Even for those who don’t like the theatre ”The Dybbuk” at the Gesher theatre is an event not to be missed. A moving, emotional, spectacular and even amusing evening… a unique production, Efrat Ben-Zur is terrific, mesmerizing, scared, despaired, paralyzed and captivating… as far as I’m concerned, she is the first lady of the Israeli theatre… an extraordinary theatrical enchantment.”


“A tremendous victory for the Gesher theatre… only 30 performances have been scheduled for “The Dybbuk” at The Gesher theatre, and even if they do surrender to financial demand and lengthen the period of performance, I hereby advise not to wait and try to grab any available ticket.  I do this at the beginning of my article because that is the clear conclusion from this fascinating and emotional experience that this production grants. It has wisdom, passion, Jewish humor and pain that have been forgotten…Beautiful visual stage ideas…these are the experiences that Yevgeny Arye knows how to design in such a way that will scorch the audience’s memory…the stage design is perfect… the direction and acting is astonishing, as if flowing from a high artistic revolution. In the center of this production stands the excited and exciting Efrat Ben-Zur in her greatest acting achievement to date…a rare miracle of acting.”


“A rich theatrical world, elegant dialogue with a mythical past, and above all a duo of phenomenal actors… many moments of magic make this story a legend… it has endless beauty. Efrat Ben-Zur is Leah’le with her entire body, even if you try very hard to imagine a different actress that could play this part. Even when she is silent she is breathtaking and heartbreaking. Doron Tavori puts on the character of Sender as if it was his second nature…gives out the impression that he is enjoying every moment and it’s contagious.”


“Efrat Ben-Zur gives in to this role with her entire body and spirit. Yevgeny Arye knows how to instigate impressive stage moments…every moment in this production is interesting, beautiful, and stimulates the imagination.”


“The Dybbuk” at the Gesher theatre gives grace to the audience and to the myth…a certain dense and black magic appears on the stage, a waterfall of dark, bitter, thick and sinking chocolate. Due to the fine humor, due to the powerful Ben-Zur and Tavori, due to the play that Roy Chen gave a new life to with simple and deep words, “The Dybbuk” is an extraordinary theatrical experience.”

Yediot Aharonot:

“A spectacularly beautiful and powerfully designed production… Efrat Ben-Zur in her most powerful performance in the theatre to date…Doron Tavori is a walking energy bomb of animal desire.”

Israel today:

“An excellent and entertaining production…this production is impeccable. Every aspect is done with extreme attention and wisdom, the choice of imagery is spot on, and is translated to the stage wonderfully.”


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