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Picture of Event: The Seagull

The Seagull

"Noga" Hall
Wednesday, June 12 2024 at 18:00
Event duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes

About the show

Anton Chekhov

Translated to Hebrew by Roy Chen

Directed by Yair Sherman


"How nervous everyone is! And how much love..."

A famous actress, a young actress, a fashionable novelist, a controversial playwright, a prosaic teacher, and one who is always in black, meet in a country house and philosophize about art, boredom, and the meaning of life.

All, of course, are in love with those who do not reciprocate.

Passion, revenge, romantic impulses and adultery, dreams of glory and the desire for self-destruction - The Seagull, written in1895 has never been so modern.

"Comedy, four female roles, six male roles, four acts, landscape (view of a lake); much talk of literature, little action, five pounds of love" (from A.P.Chekhov's letter to A. S. Suvorin, October 21, 1895).



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