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Roy Chen

Directed by: Amir Wolf

Cast: Ido Mosseri, Gilad Kletter, Tali Osadchi, Ori Yaniv, Alexander Senderovich, Alon Friedman


Ploni Almoni, an indigent, anonymous man, the owner of a pillow and an apple has a dream: somewhere far, far away, a treasure awaits him. He sets out on a journey to a distant, distant city. On his way to find his happiness, Ploni Almoni meets a sheep herder without a sheep, a royal daughter without a kingdom, a sentimental robber and the Prince Turkey. Will the dream come true? Will Ploni Almoni find the treasure he dreamed of?

The ancient itinerary of a wandering Jewish soul turns into an original and exciting adventure, a fun and touching journey in the spirit of Hasidism and Rabbi Nachma

The World Is A Narrow Bridge And The Important Thing Is To Not Be Afraid

Since the 18th century, in Hasidic communities wove great stories, tales of journeys and travelers, spiritual and adventurous, instructive, and touching, naive and wise.

From the founder of Hasidism, the Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi Nachman to Martin Buber all recognized the magical power of Hasidic tellings .

For our new children's show we have collected stories that inspire people, give hope, and make them smile.

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