About the show

Political satire

The play by : Roy Chen
Inspired by Danis Tanovic “No man's land"
Directed by : Irad Rubinstein

Israeli soldiers, a beat-up reservist Iftach and “green” draftee Tzlil, are buried in the tunnel. They are together with two Palestinians - Mansur and Hisam. Enemies in the mousetrap, they try to find their way out. To kill or to save each other?

They try to survive in this suffocating underground. Above them - our customary political carnival, absurd, dominant and inherent background of our daily life.

Is theater the mirror of reality? Can it reflect and judge this reality “here and now”?

To whom and what to believe? Who triggers and who lowers the trigger in the world, ruled by mass media, in the world of broken communication?


First Perfomance: 11/1/2017

Running time: 1 hour and 40 minutes, with no intermission


From the press:

"In the tunnel is  a great show ... madly funny  ... the front line of the political theater in Israel ... 5 stars Do not miss!"  -  Yedioth Ahronoth

"This performance takes  Gesher Theater to the forefront of Israel's political scene". - Haaretz

"In the tunnel" of the Gesher Theater is an amazing show ... Forget about everything you've seen in the theater so far ... A sharp and kicking satire, go and see! " - Reshet Bet

"An extraordinary production. No thin moment ... stunning for  right and left, Arabs and Jews, natives and immigrants, soldiers and civilians, religious and secular". - Calcalist

"A great show - a sharp political satire, a sweeping theater experience ... drastic, witty, funny, sad and very brave" - Globes

"A brilliant political satire ... causes the audience to burst out laughing, weeping and  …thinking. Truthul and creative political criticism" - Ynet

"A concert of directing and acting ... Gesher Theater takes a central position on the satirical front with a brilliant play that squeeze reality to its core"  - HaBama


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