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A delightful detective story

A play by: Uzi Weil and Liad Shoham
Director: Amir J. Wolf
Stage Design: Michael Kramenko
Lighting Design: Keren Granek
Costume Design: Yehudit Aharon
Music: Itzhaki Franco
Sound Design: Felix Shaposhnik
Camera and video editor:
Eldad Bouganim
Film crew: Roi Shtaim, Amit Grant,
Omri Combor
Video-playback: Alexandra Bezberdaya
Photography: Ori Wolf
Assistant director: Irena Orlov

Cast: Doron Tavori, Miki Leon, Gilad Kletter, Karin Seruya, Roni Einav, Fira Kantor, Hillel Kapon

Actors in video sequences: Sarit Vino-Elad, Lena Fraifeld, Itamar Wolf, Maayan Or, Idan Klauzner

Eli Nahum, a police detective of pre-retirement age, arrives at a crime scene that connects the dead body of a young woman to two brothers: a successful high-tech entrepreneur and a failed actor.

It is a story of an exhaustive investigation of brotherly jealousy, of aging and of elusive truth.

Will the police detective succeed in his final noble act, before he is moved to the past and everybody forgets that he had ever existed?

Uzi Weil is a satirist, translator, journalist and writer. He wrote and edited the mythical "Back gate" in the city newspaper and was one of the writers for the Cameri Quintet. He recently wrote the series "Asylum City" also based on a book by Liad Shoham.

Liad Shoham is a lawyer and a writer. He published seventeen books; most of them became bestsellers and were translated into six languages. Among his books: My First Goal (2014) – Children's book, Asylum City (2013), Daddy is Building a Cake (2013) – Children's book, Line Up (2011), Retrial (2010),  Fruits of the Poisonous Tree (2009), Unlisted Number (2008), A Week in the Life (2008).


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